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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

love for eternity

Dayum , its been so long i'm not updating this blog . well,hello dear followers and viewers . Im back to blog this down .
Love for eternity <3 
 faisal fitri & khairunnisa emira
since 14 february 2011 
and counting :)

He is my heart .I love him so much . And only God know how i felt towards him .
dear god , please take a good care of him, future husband ? insyaallah if there's God will someday :D 

 may you be the last to hold the key to my heart :)

Monday, March 14, 2011

He called ? W-haaa-ttt!!

at 2.22 am , Mr mystery called (!!) I didn't expect him to call me . But when his number popped out , And I was like .. Wh--aaa--TTT!!! He called me ? this can't be serious, when i picked up , tears drop on my cheek and how relief am I to hear his voice again . Thanks for calling and give me a lil bit of strength for my mom's sickness and operation at 8.am onwards . But yah , still didn't expect that he called me just now even for a while. Thanks 
Mood: shocked 

Hospital Besar Kuala Lumpur.

Maa, masuk wad balik pukul 8.30 pagi tadi  and doktor suruh mama puasa sebab mama esuk nak operation buang ketumbuhan dalam perut mama , 9cm fabroid . Besarnyaa :( And esuk pukul 8pagi or 4petang, mama akan dibedah oleh seorang doktor pakar sakit puan , Haihh , and guess what , I akan teman mama dlm operation room nanti , Hope mama akan Okay je ,

Mama anta mcj: "kaka, jaga adik-adik , Tengokkan adik-adik tu , mama tade nnt sape nak jaga adik kamu"
hati terus sentap(!) nak menangis nak meraung semua ada!
Then I reply: "mama jangan cakap macam tu , You gonna be okay !  Okay mama . Jangan fikir bukanbukan"
mama reply:" "Okayy kaka , I love you tau . kaka jangan risau okay :D mama syg anak2 mama , Adik dah mkn ? Kaka dah makan?"
I reply: "kaka ngn adik-adik dah makan , opah masakkan tadi , mama makan ape?"
Mama reply: "mama makan bubur kosong je , tu je doktor kasi makan, kaka mama nak gy check ni , nnt mcj lagy kay syg . I love you "
I reply: "Okay mama , be fine okay . I love you more mama"

Alahai sedih nyaa bila mama makan macam tu , Rase macam nak hempuk doktor tu pun ade , But tu je mama boleh makan sbelum operate , or else mama muntah .
Hope mama okay and tuhan selamatkan mama , amin ya robbal ala'min
Insyaallah ,

Love , Emyra, Qistina , Wali and Putri

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Macdonal @subang

Woahh , It's 5.09 in the morning ! Yawn ! Currently with JOHAR MIZAN RIZAL , studying :) 
Got my midterm quiz At 9.00 o'clock! haven't sleep yet ! God , please help me answer those question :) Amin-
Love <3 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

sheeshaa effect


Okay , how to start over today topic ? Urrrmmm . okay let start like this . Well , everybody known about existing of sheeshaa (shisha) . i started shisha when i was 17 it has been only 2 years I've been smoking shisha but shisha has been one of my hobby and something that can helps me release my stress and I agree that shisha has more nicotine than cigarettes but that is just because it burns for longer and you overall inhale more smoke, and yes the nicotine is not water soluble but the tar in fact is, which is the most harmful part of cigarettes, also tar is a chemical reaction from biological substsances being burned, were in fact shisha is not burned it is heated and vapourized so therefore the chemical reaction never in fact occurs and any tar that may be created is than filtered out through the water. I smoke shisha frequently and agree it is bad for you but i dont think you should compare it to cigarettes because they are not completely similar. if you dried shisha and rolled it in rolling papers and smoked it it would than be worse for you than cigarettes but that is not how you smoke it. but indeed the coal is very bad for you and is indeed the most harmful part of smoking shisha. and yes shisha will inevitably cause cancer but smoking anything can cause cancer because lungs do not react well with smoke, if you rolled lettuce and smoked it that would put more tar in your lungs than smoking shisha

Friday, February 11, 2011


some of the link, search for more:

Who is he dude ??

well , I found him through facebook , and I find damn fuckin' awesome dude !
And yet he is Malaysian's .
He's really open narrow minded of malaysian's peeps that always talk bad about others :)
And yet he very outspoken ! Gosh , he is my idol starting from now awwaww.
 Search him on youtube . by typing Inianwarhadi . and theres you can find all his FUN and very Awesome video of itselves :)

Love you bro <3
Keep it up the good work :)