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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This incident happen before food service and sanitation class begin. I was pissed because my laptop can't detect my pendrive . Haiz , then I saw as cute toy jumping around the table , Yaya was sitting besides me . she's the one who play with the adorable toy . but suddenly , Yaya's mobile was on her desk so do her bag. when i try to take the toy but accidently her phone fell . I was shocked i thought nothing happen but then the LCD broke .
yaya started to cried and I  feel bad for her cause I know it wasn't her phone . But I don't want to make this be much more complicated , so I just took off her sim card and I told her that I repair for it. cause she was my best friend and I don't want anything happen between us just because unnecessary things . So, I went to Low yat, cause my friend was there and now the phone was back the way it should be . I'm sorry, If it is my fault.

absolutely today is not my day.,

Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip To Malacca

*Yesterday, Me , Eff , Sapix , Arm , Epie  when to Alor Gajah, Malacca at 1.30 a.m . We went there just to take hot bath These are all Eff ideas. us went there because we want to release tension. We got there in time at 2:15 am. We change our clothes and dipped ourselves in the water it can boil eggs to cook! perghh, very hot water to scalding feet. Geez -, - "Sapix can swim in hot water. Haha. But Arm and Epie refuses to dive in because they do not proper dress, but eventually they all get wet! High five to eff and sapix .
along the way, we sang, chat, it was awesome! we stop at R & R and I had my breakfast then we continue back to Sunway and went to class in a state of drowsiness.
but yesterday was the best!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Final Examination,

Final examination is around the corner. Now I must start to study cause I'm facing big exam ! God please help me to reach more than 3.0 pointer. I've got 5 subject to study:

  1. Food service and sanitation
  2. Fundamental of accounting
  3. Basic cookery
  4. Introduction to entreprenuership
  5. Pengajian Islam 
I must follow my time schedule to study all the subject!
But what I'm afraid of is Accounting , Because I don't understand a thing. I'm gonna to restart over to catch up account subject .pfffhtt -,-"

Wish me luck Folks , 

Saturday, November 6, 2010


B R O K E N  H E A R T

Dear Brother,

PLEASE don't do anything RECKLESS (!)
I know you've been lose in every battle of love.
But you strong enough to face it.
look at the bright sight ,
maybe she is not your fate.
maybe you'll find someone that Love you with all her hearts someday.


face it with dignity :)

all your best buddies beside you !


Sometimes You Gonna have to lose.
Oneday You Gonna win A heart <3

Hang Out .

Sunway Piramid

fuhh , I've just arrived home after a tiring day with rasyid and eff. We window shopping ! HAHA :)
and eff bought me some stuff :) Thanks Eff <3 so do Rasyid ! Thanks Guys !
sigh. Today i learn something new! I drive rasyid wheel ! geez , I've used to drive auto! But today its the 1st time I drive Manual!!
I learn to reverse and gear :) winks ! Thanks teacher Eff :)
Rasyid , video tape it ! 
**someday and somehow . I can take over the wheel by my selves! 

Ouch . I miss Him a lot!
I'll try to reach him but no answer .
I know he is working . :(
I miss you !

Lots  of love, ,