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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


This incident happen before food service and sanitation class begin. I was pissed because my laptop can't detect my pendrive . Haiz , then I saw as cute toy jumping around the table , Yaya was sitting besides me . she's the one who play with the adorable toy . but suddenly , Yaya's mobile was on her desk so do her bag. when i try to take the toy but accidently her phone fell . I was shocked i thought nothing happen but then the LCD broke .
yaya started to cried and I  feel bad for her cause I know it wasn't her phone . But I don't want to make this be much more complicated , so I just took off her sim card and I told her that I repair for it. cause she was my best friend and I don't want anything happen between us just because unnecessary things . So, I went to Low yat, cause my friend was there and now the phone was back the way it should be . I'm sorry, If it is my fault.

absolutely today is not my day.,

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