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Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hang Out .

Sunway Piramid

fuhh , I've just arrived home after a tiring day with rasyid and eff. We window shopping ! HAHA :)
and eff bought me some stuff :) Thanks Eff <3 so do Rasyid ! Thanks Guys !
sigh. Today i learn something new! I drive rasyid wheel ! geez , I've used to drive auto! But today its the 1st time I drive Manual!!
I learn to reverse and gear :) winks ! Thanks teacher Eff :)
Rasyid , video tape it ! 
**someday and somehow . I can take over the wheel by my selves! 

Ouch . I miss Him a lot!
I'll try to reach him but no answer .
I know he is working . :(
I miss you !

Lots  of love, ,