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Monday, November 8, 2010

Trip To Malacca

*Yesterday, Me , Eff , Sapix , Arm , Epie  when to Alor Gajah, Malacca at 1.30 a.m . We went there just to take hot bath These are all Eff ideas. us went there because we want to release tension. We got there in time at 2:15 am. We change our clothes and dipped ourselves in the water it can boil eggs to cook! perghh, very hot water to scalding feet. Geez -, - "Sapix can swim in hot water. Haha. But Arm and Epie refuses to dive in because they do not proper dress, but eventually they all get wet! High five to eff and sapix .
along the way, we sang, chat, it was awesome! we stop at R & R and I had my breakfast then we continue back to Sunway and went to class in a state of drowsiness.
but yesterday was the best!



  1. totally true huh , miss this much baby , know theres no way dapat lepak macam ni lagi kan :/